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About Us

The New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-op is a fully equipped film/video training centre open to anyone who is 16 years of age and up who is interested in developing skills in film/video production.

It is also an inclusive, welcoming organization that has undertaken outreach efforts to reach artists who are members of under served communities.

The New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative is the only accessible film production facility in New Brunswick. We provide our province wide membership with access to a wide range of film and video equipment on deferral or at reasonable rates.

We provide an open, friendly environment where people can meet, network, make important connections, and obtain information about film and video resources. We regularly receive calls from a wide range of artists interested in making films and videos. We maintain a crew and actor database and many other useful resources for those wanting to make films and videos.

The New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative provides education and training in the art of film/video making, offering a broad range of workshops and courses that are open to the public and are offered on a cost recovery basis, allowing more people to participate.

Production programs are available that support first-time, as well as accomplished and experienced filmmakers.