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Fredericton Kids, Teen and Senior Film Camps

The New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative annually hosts Filmmaking Summer Camps for young school students (Ages 8-14), Teenage students (Ages 15-18) and Seniors (Ages 19 and up).

48 Hour Film Festival

Fredericton’s 48 Hour Film Festival is open to teams of up to 10 people who will write, shoot and edit a film of 7 minutes (or less) in 48 hours. In 2019, the competition enters its 12th year of encouraging local filmmakers and film fans to “imagine it, then get it done.” Email for further info.

Film Shoots

The New Brunswick Film Makers Co-operative members have many projects going on throughout the year. Listed in this above calendar are the production dates of the member films. If you wish to help out on their production, you are encouraged to contact the member listed for more details on how you can take part in their film.

Silver Wave Film Festival Events

Check out the website: Silver Wave Film Festival


There are social events hosted by the Film Co-op for it's members ongoing by private invitation only.