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Guidelines for NB Film Co-op Committees and Advisory Groups

WHEREAS: The ongoing operations of the New Brunswick Film Co-op are most efficiently handled when led by Core Staff with the assistance of Committees, Ad Hoc and Advisory Groups, ad-hoc groups;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: The New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op adopt the following guidelines for the composition and responsibilities for the Co-op’s standing committees and advisory groups.

1. The N.B. Film Co-op will now have the following standing committees and advisory groups:

Standing Committees:

The Production Committee
Communicates by email as proposals are submitted by staff; formal meetings are rare. The Production Committee reviews proposals and makes recommendation to the board for member projects seeking funding and equipment access from the Co-op.
Responsibilities include:
• Appraisal of proposals submitted through the NBFC Production Support Program
• Management of Production Policy Documentation

Members: Cat LeBlanc (Staff), Pierre Cormier (Liaison), Matt Brown, Arianna Martinez, Caitlin Campbell, Larry Collicott

The Human Resources and Nominations Committee
Meetings 4 times a year (September, December, March, June); additional meetings as required
The Human Resources and Nominations Committee is tasked with creating or revising policies concerning staffing, conflict resolution, harassment issues, identifying potential board members (recruitment) etc.
Responsibilities include:
• Hiring of permanent staff
• Wages and benefits of permanent staff (March meeting to discuss cost of living and merit increases each year)
• Recruiting and managing nominations for committee/advisory and board positions (June meeting for recruitment for board positions, committees and advisories positions)
• Management of HR Policies (Harassment, etc.)
• Resolution of HR complaints (verbal, written, etc.)

Members: Cat LeBlanc (Staff), Britany Sparrow (Liaison), Donovan Richard, Hope Maston, Raven Blue

Advisory Groups:

The Public Relations Advisory Group
The Public Relations Advisory Group is tasked with finding ways to promote the Co-op, its activities and the member filmmakers and their films to the general public. Newsletters, press releases, weekly e-news, websites and social media are all tools used by the PR Advisory Group.

Members: Cat LeBlanc (Staff), Jared Carney-(Liaison), Annick Blizzard, Lance Blakney

The Workshops and Training Advisory Group
Each year the workshop program is designed in consultation with the Advisory. The sessions respond to the needs of the members and incorporate training in newly acquired equipment/software. As well, workshops are designed to introduce diverse production methodologies. Sessions are held in Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton.

Members: Cat LeBlanc (Staff), Arianna Martinez-(Liaison), Jillian Acreman, Jared Carney, Gordon Mihan, and Tracey Lavigne

The Equipment Advisory Group
The Equipment Advisory acts as a sounding board and research division for the Co-op. It is comprised of the ED, Tech Coordinator and members with diverse technical backgrounds. During the planning stages of developing an equipment acquisition strategy, the group may be called upon for advice.

Members: Tony Merzetti (Staff), Matt Carr (Staff), Pierre Cormier-(Liaison), Ashley Phinney, Matt Brown, Tony Merzetti,

The Finance and Fundraising Advisory Group
The Fundraising Advisory explores sources of revenue through: government, foundations and corporate sponsorships, donations and earned revenue initiatives. The Monday Night Film Series, begun in 2005, contributes annually, and the Silver Wave Film Festival allocates part of its revenues to NBFC staffing and rent costs.

Members: Tony Merzetti (Staff), Cat LeBlanc (Staff), Jillian Acreman-(Liaison), and Rob Gemmell,

The Events and Festival Advisory Group
Meeting once a year (between September and December board meetings); additional meetings as required
The Events and Festival Advisory currently looks after Film Co-op exhibition events: the Silver Wave Film Festival (SWFF), the Monday Night Film Series, Under the Stars: Classic Film Series, SJ 48 Hour Film Competition, and the Demonic Brilliance Film Festival.
Responsibilities include:
• Silver Wave Film Festival
• NBFC Events: Saint John 48 Hour Film Festival
• NBFC Supported Events: Fredericton 48 Hour Film Festival, Pink Lobster Film Festival, Demonic Brilliance Film Festival
• Member Socials in Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John
• Other events as needed (AGM, Christmas party, etc.)

Members: Tony Merzetti (Staff), Cat LeBlanc (Staff), Matt Carr (Staff), Britany Sparrow (Liaison), Jared Carney, and Brenda Malley

The Preservation Advisory Group
The Preservation Advisory exists to catalogue and archive materials from the Co-op and to document and preserve material for the NB Film Co-op and the Silver Wave Film Festival. Materials are placed in the holdings of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. These materials can be accessed by various end users (researchers, film students, historians and the general public).
Responsibilities include:
• Submission of documents (AGM reports, board minutes, Silver Wave program) to Provincial Archives
• Other preservation projects (YouTube and Vimeo playlists, updating film databases, exhibits)

Members: Tony Merzetti (Staff), Rob Gemmell-(Liaison), and Lisa Jodoin

The Indigenous Advisory Group
The Indigenous Advisory leads or partners on outreach initiatives that assist Indigenous creatives in telling their stories. (involvement with productions, workshops, screenings, and funding opportunities).

Members: Tony Merzetti (Staff), Cat LeBlanc (Staff), Lisa Jodoin-(Liaison), Jillian Acreman, Corrina Merasty, and Danielle d’Entremont

The Francophone Advisory Group
The Francophone Advisory leads or partners on outreach initiatives that assist Francophone creatives in telling their stories. (involvement with productions, workshops, screenings, and funding opportunities).

Members: Tony Merzetti (Staff), Cat LeBlanc (Staff), and Donovan Richard-(Liaison)

2. Mandate of Committees and Advisory Groups

A) Committees and advisory groups are formed by the board to provide support to staff and board.

B) Committees will meet regularly while advisory groups will meet as needed. Committees and
advisory groups assist co-op activities, production support, operations and priority areas. The core staff and board may appoint members to fill vacancies on committees and advisory groups.

C) Committees and advisory groups are to be dissolved and re-formed each year.

3. Composition

A) Committees will consist of no less than three (3) and no more than five (5) members in good standing. Each committee must consist of at least one (1) board member who will act as the board liaison.

B) Advisory Groups will consist of those members who have the necessary skills. Advisory groups do not have a number requirement. A board member will act as board liaison on each advisory.

C) One core staff member will be attached to each committee as an ex-officio member to provide con-tinuity and advice on co-op policy, history, etc.

4. Operations:
The staff and board liaison will be charged with the responsibility of organizing meetings and notifying other committee members and any additional staff involved. All meetings must be scheduled through staff. The board liaison or staff facilitates meetings and reports at the board meeting.

Committees and advisories can make recommendations to the core staff and board of directors in matters relevant to their jurisdiction. In the event that consensus on an issue cannot be reached, a vote will be held on the recommendation. A dissenting opinion may be submitted to the board of directors. At least three members must be present to vote to make an official recommendation to the core staff and board

5. Notice of Meetings:

A) Notice of formal meetings for committees and advisories must be given at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

B) Advisory Group meetings will be held at the request of the core staff.

6. Frequency of Meetings:

A) Committees will normally meet monthly. A report must be prepared after the meeting for the board.

B) Advisory groups will meet at the request of staff. Staff or the board liaison will report on the work to the board.

7. Scope of Authority: Committees and advisory groups are to act in an ‘advisory’ capacity only. They are not empowered to execute contracts or hire or otherwise bind the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative to an agreement without the knowledge and consent of the core staff and board of directors.

8. NB Film Co-op staff are to be included in all committee and advisory group activities in their deliberations and in work undertaken.