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Bolex/Super 8 Film Scholarship

A film incentive contest to give a NBFC member the opportunity to further explore the world of Bolex and Super 8 by shooting a film from start to finish in a Bolex camera.
- Each movie must be 2/12 minutes or less in duration.
- Applicants to the fund must be full NBFC members in good standing (workshops taken, volunteer hours put in).

The successful NB Film Co-op applicants will receive: ($400.00 in value)
- Use of Co-op bolex/super 8 camera and additional supplemental materials at no charge
- 2 rolls of film (100 feet each)
- Transfer to tape costs will be covered by Co-op
- Free one-on-one training with instructor as necessary
- Bolex/super 8 production information

NBFC member applicants must submit:
- A current creative resumé
- A one-page description of the proposed project

Up to 2 awards may be given annually. Proposals are assessed and the successful applicants have 4 months to complete their project.
Eligible projects are those over which the artist has creative and editorial control. All genres are accepted. Artists in the membership crossing over from other disciplines (i.e. theatre, writing, visual arts, and dance) are also welcome.

Applicants retain copyright to their productions, but they must provide a copy of their work to be kept in the NBFC's archives.
Deadline: Open

Have questions? Need help putting your proposal together? Email Cat at: