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Code of Conduct

New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative

This Code of Conduct applies to Staff, Board Members, Committee/Advisory Members and other members who are representing or carrying out work on behalf of the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative (NBFC). It also applies to filmmakers who are doing their projects under the auspices of the NBFC.

The Code sets out generally understood and accepted standards of conduct and is meant to be interpreted in good faith.

Respect for Staff
Under no circumstances will any abuse or bullying of staff be tolerated.

General Conduct
Every person who carries out duties on behalf of, or in the name of, the NBFC and/or its' projects, can expect to be treated fairly in an environment free from discrimination and personal or sexual harassment and abuse.

Each NBFC staff person, board director, member or volunteer shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner that contributes to building a positive reputation for the Film Co-op and its ability to serve the community of film/video artists in New Brunswick.

Each NBFC staff person, board director, member, or volunteer shall hold themselves free from any influence, interest, or relationship that, in the view of the reasonable observer, would impair their judgment or objectivity.

Conflict of Interest
Each NBFC staff person, board director, member, or volunteer in a position of real or perceived influence shall disclose any influence, interest or relationship that would be seen by a reasonable observer to impair their judgement or objectivity. Such disclosures should be made to the NBFC Core Staff as soon as the issue of real or perceived conflict of interest becomes apparent.

Each person shall volunteer to remove themselves from the discussions of issues or decisions for which they have declared a situation of Conflict of Interest.

Each board director, committee member, staff person, or volunteer has the duty of confidence with respect to the discussions and affairs of the NBFC and its members. Accordingly, no person shall disclose, without proper authority, any information obtained in the course of their duties, nor shall they exploit such information to their advantage.

Further detail on these standards is provided in the NBFC Harassment Policy, which is available on request.