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Donating Your Records - NB Archives

What is the Provincial Archives:

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Established in 1967, the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick collects and preserves the documents of the people, institutions and government of the province. Most of the holdings are for the period from 1784, when New Brunswick was made a separate province of British North America. However, some materials relating to the earlier exploration, Acadian and pre-Loyalist periods have also been acquired.

Under provincial legislation the Archives has responsibility to assemble, and to make available for research, records bearing upon the history of New Brunswick. The Records Management Program ensures the regular transfer and archival retention of all non-current government records that have permanent legal and historical value. The records of individuals, churches, businesses and associations are acquired through donation of original material, and loans for copying.
The documents in the Archives are provincial treasures. Many are fundamental in protecting the rights and interests of the people, or are essential for understanding and preserving our heritage and culture. Materials which are not in archives, particularly those in danger of being lost or destroyed, should be brought to the attention of the Archives staff.

Why to donate:
When requested, the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick provides eligible donors with a federal tax receipt commensurate with the fair market value of donated material.

Due to changing technology film and digital video projects are often lost or made inaccessible. Migration from out of date technology to newer formats is part of PANB's mandate.

The repository at PANB is a safe storage space with capacity and upkeep capabilities not readily found elsewhere.

Holding material at PANB will allow various end users (researchers, film students, historians, the general public) access to film and video projects for many years to come.

Filmmakers will maintain both the Economic and Creative Rights to their films, as per the Copyright Act.

The User Rights of the Archives will include the right to make copies of works for preservation, insurance, restoration, and migration of obsolete formats.

Copies of material held at the Archives are permitted to be made exclusively for research and private study. Any use of the copy for a purpose other than research or private study will require the authorization of the filmmaker.

What to donate:
Complete versions of your film in either film or electronic formats. Always include the title of your film, the names of any directors, writers, and producers involved, a synopsis of the film, and its runtime.

Pre-Production materials: proposals, grant applications, scripts, shot lists, story boards, casting information, crew lists, location information, equipment lists, production design information, budgets
Production materials: shooting script, film negatives, sound stock, raw video and audio files, production forms (camera reports, continuity reports, call sheets, shooting schedules), production stills.

Post-Production materials: 16mm work print, sound stock, lab reports, transfer reports, editing logs, release print
Distribution material: festival correspondence and programs, newspaper clippings, press kits, trailers, posters.

Note: These are only suggestions. You may include more or less with your donation. Also you may include original documents, photocopies, or a combination of the two.

Please do not donate materials for which you do not have ownership of the copyright.

Accepted formats:
All forms of paper documents including photographs and oversized items such as posters

Film stock and audio recordings

VHS tapes, beta tapes

Digital word documents (pdfs)

Digital photographs (preferred format: TIF, 4000 pixels wide)

Digital video files (preferred format: JPEG2000 BWF, Uncompressed, ProRes, DNxND codecs)

Digital audio files (preferred format: WAV format- 24 Bit Depth, 48kHz Sample Rate minimum)

How to donate:
Fill out PANB Receipt of Transfer of Document form- see attached blank form, also sample form

Click Here for blank sample archival form. (pdf)

Click Here for filled out sample archival form. (doc)

Include typed or handwritten list of all materials being donated

Place in manila envelope, or if enough material, in a cardboard box with a lid

You can donate in person or by mail.

In person: bring to the Provincial Archives, 23 Dineen Drive, UNB Campus, Fredericton, NB. Use the lower parking lot. Bring materials to front desk and ask for the Manager of Private Records.

By mail: send to Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, PO Box 6000, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5H1