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"As someone who always wanted to get involved in filmmaking but who always managed to put it off, I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across the NB Film Co-operative. Having no training in filmmaking and not knowing where to start, I found that the workshops the NB Film Co-op host are the perfect way to get started. Not only are they incredibly affordable, but they give you the opportunity to learn about everything from screenwriting to production design to sound editing to low-budget filmmaking techniques. Plus you get to meet people with similar interests and learn from other members with years of filmmaking experience. Anyone interested in getting involved in film should definitely consider taking some of the workshops. I really can't recommend it enough!" - Lisa Jeanne Jodoin

"Without the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative I would not be the person I am today."
- Jeremy Robinson

"In 1985, the production of The Spectre of Rexton was a monumental undertaking for a fledgling film centre with so many inexperienced members. The film was a half-hour drama far surpassing the length of any work produced at the co-op up to that time. It was a period film requiring antique cars, special effects and numerous actors and locations. What the crew lacked in knowledge, they made up for in enthusiasm."
Tony Merzetti

"People came together with ideas and passion to create something very significant in 1979 when they started up the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative."
- Cat Leblanc

"Vive NB Film Coop."
- Benoit Duguay (Founding Member)

"Without Tony Merzetti, the New Brunswick Film Cooperative could have easily been corrupted and fallen into the wrong hands. Tony has fought, struggled, and defied the odds, in keeping the Co-op's focus on indigenious independent New Brunswick filmmakers. Tony, with his wife Cat Leblanc, have contributed greatly to the cinematic history and culture of this Province."
Tim Rayne

"I think the work of the staff at the Coop is priceless. How many people have gone thru and worked on films with the help of the film co-op over the last 30 years. My own experience has been very gratifying. I've learned a lot, met some very interesting people and had fun also. Can't beat that!"
Lynn & Herve Richard

"Few experiences in life can match the New Brunswick Filmmakers Co-operative for being time well spent. To be a filmmaker, forget the political cinema theory du jour. You need innovation, the ability to improvise on the fly, imagination and above all, the self control not to crack when it all falls apart."
- Kevin Holden

"We visualized the Co-op as a pool of filmmakers and people interested in filmmaking, but we also saw it as a pool of equipment, and a vehicle to obtain funds for risky films."
- Arthur Makosinski (Founding Member)

"On the 30th year anniversary of the New Brunswick Filmmakers Cooperative Ltd. I would like to say this ; I know there were and are other people working hard to keep the NB Film Co-op's boat afloat, however if it weren't for the undying persistence, perseverance, anti-pessimistic, and pestilent fighting determination, dedication, and 'dog with a bone' drive of Tony Merzetti, and for years now Cathie Leblanc, this New Brunswick iconic institution would be no more than a conversation piece. Now I have been around for all of the 35 years of the Co-op history and boy has it come a very long way, and with the help of its friends. The Co-op has contributed so much over the years to Fredericton and New Brunswick on very many levels and is now such an integrated part of our community fabric that it commands attention anytime it speaks."
- Kevin Matthews (Founding Member)

"The NB Film Co-op is based on the principles of the co-operative spirit, community building and honest creative endeavour which is put into play daily by staff and members as part of the Co-op's mandate."
- Jim Lavoie

"This organization has been around for 35 years and the amount of [high quality] work that has come out of the organization in the past few years is staggering."
- Jeremy Robinson

"Those of us who were lucky enough to work on the Willie O'Ree Story knew we were doing something great, and motivated by Errol's infectious enthusiasm you just couldn't help but feel that this was a vitally important story that had to be told."
- Melynda Jarratt

"The first film that I shot outside of film school was Tim Rayne's clever short Soup Du Jour. My memory of that shoot was true community creation. We had a real good crew of ambitious up and coming filmmakers and with Tim's direction, completed a short film; quite an accomplishment."
- Greg Hemmings

"35 years from now, as the NB Film Co-op celebrates its 60th and this publication is viewed as an historical document in whatever format it has been preserved, people will be amazed how much was accomplished and the quality of what was creatively created. People will learn about an amazing group of people who initially came together in 1979 in the first wave of filmmaking at the Film Co-op as well as finding out more about the next waves of members who came each decade to walk the halls of the Film Co-op and to create."
Jim Lavoie

"I see the NBFC as a resource for equipment, as a training ground, but most importantly as a networking hub that allows me to build the relationships I need in order to meet my goals. In turn, I get to gain experience and learn from others while volunteering on other filmmaker's productions. In that process I've built long lasting friendships and mutual respect. One really has to approach the Co-op as a network of opportunities. Because it is truly the relationships that we build that will define just how beneficial our memberships will be. What we do with these opportunities will define how easy or difficult it will be to reach our own goals as filmmakers. In the end, this might sound cliche, the NBFC and its members have opened a whole new world to me that otherwise I may not have experienced. For this reason I'm dedicated to the NBFC."
- Dan Thebeau

"I like to think that all of the Film Co-op members are part of a creative entity that feeds the whole."
- Jim Lavoie

"Over the past 17 years I have witnessed tremendous technical change at the Film Co-op, but no matter how much the co-op has changed, equipment-wise, time has not changed its culture. The Film Co-op remains as it was intended, a place where friends can gather to pursue a love for making films and videos."
- John Christenson

"My early memories of the film coop are of the bohemian atmosphere of people putting films together on a shoestring. Times have changed indeed. In the twenty-first century, we now have high-definition digital video, the internet, and computers to edit our projects."
- Derrick Powers

"There was no in between at the Film Co-op's York Street location. You either froze or you boiled to death but nobody really complained. It was an extremely fun, lively, entertaining and happening place to be, especially when Errol Williams was around."
- Melynda Jarratt

"The NB Film Co-op was in a key position to give these emerging filmmakers the support and resources they needed to be able to run an efficient and professional shoot.
- Tim O'Neill

"I have been a member of the NB Film Co-op for 10 years and although I didn't know the founders, I can certainly pay homage to those whose forward thinking created the NB Film Co-op."
- Jim Lavoie

"Without the Co-op, I fear that filmmaking would still be a dream rather than a reality."
- Danny Thebeau

"I learned so much and I always try to give back to the members with my workshops. Giving back and sharing is definitely part of what the co-operative movement is all about."
- Semra Yuksel

"The organic and creative collective of film co-ops work. People who are creative, people who love to be inspired, people who make things happen are the people who make the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative shine. I have adopted that model into my corporate culture because it works. If my employees have creative ownership of projects, and they are deemed as art rather than corporate products, then I know I have a sustainable work environment. My employees all love to work in our culture, a big reason is because it is organic, open concept and horizontal, just like the Film Co-op."
- Greg Hemmings