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Membership: Getting Involved

You are a brand spanking new NB Film Co-op member and you have received your digital member card and receipt by email from Cat, what now? 

It's true that Cat, intrepid membership services gal, did bend your ear for a time about volunteer activities and what you could do, geez can she talk and why is she so happy all the time, weird! It's all so overwhelming you think as you sit at home with visions of workshops, socials, productions and why is Cat so excited about an interactive calendar on the Film Co-op website?

Where do you go from here?


Email Cat a profile and bio when you first join and an updated bio and picture when you renew each year after

- This is extremely important as the bio and picture introduces you to everybody on the Film Co-op listserv and the listserv is huge. The weekly e-news goes out to not only the Film Co-op members (200 province wide) but the following groups: NB schools, NB universities, NB film/video/animation/audio training centres, NB commercial producers, screenwriters and tech people, NB granting agencies, other NB artist-run centres in different creative disciplines, Canadian training centres for film and video, 99 centres similar to the Film Co-op in Canada, specific Canadian filmmakers, producers and tech people, film and actor unions in Canada, NB and Canadian casting directors, actors, community colleges, city halls, etc..etc...the list goes on and on.

Remember to keep in touch with the Film Co-op full time core staff 

- Members should always feel free to email Cat if they have questions or concerns about anything. Cat is quick on email and really enjoys helping out. Don't be shy, email her anytime day or night and she will likely answer you right away if she can, she's weird that way. If you have questions for Tony or Matt, she can help out as well.

Email Cat to set up times to come in to help out in the office

- Members that live in town can do different things to help out in different ways. Cleaning up the offices, typing up articles, website corrections, scanning and sizing pictures, helping with socials, running errands, cleaning up the resources centre, dusting, organizing etc...all this is a huge help to staff. Volunteers are pure gold.

Email Cat if you want to to take out videos and films produced by other Co-op members

- This is very important as watching what the other members have created gives you insight into what is possible for you to do creatively and through the Co-op. You can also get an idea of member's work whether they are directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, production designers etc...possible crew for your future projects. Also, it's important to be up on what your creative peers are doing at all times.

Email Cat to plan impromptu events/meetings/socials and find out who needs help on their productions where ever you live in NB.

- The Film Co-op can always use a hand with socials and events happening locally or in other parts of the province and it's sometimes nice for newer members to help out to give the alumni members a break if they are the ones that always have to do this. It's a great way for a newer member to get really involved and get to know staff and members so much better. It's important for everybody to share the work load of volunteer labour so that a few don't get extreme burn out. No matter where you live, there are productions and events going on, get involved. There are also Silver Wave Film Festival activities and work that goes on all year long that the Film Co-op needs help with, ask anytime.

Email Cat if you joined and are not getting the weekly e-news

- The weekly e-news is the creative bible for the NB Film Co-op and the larger community as it really tries to keep people in the loop on what is going on in film and television in NB and beyond. It is so important to read the e-news once a week when it goes out as it keeps everybody connected. It is also important for members and non-members to send Cat updates on what is going on in the cinematic arts in their areas in NB. As well, there are two Co-op facebook pages and it's good to be a member of at least one of them: New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-operative: The Official Site and Silver Wave Film Festival.

Email Cat if you want to register and pay for workshops as they fill up quickly

- The workshops really get the creative juices going for everybody. Going to workshops also helps members and non-members alike to network with other likeminded creative people in NB. Nobody is beyond taking workshops to strength their creative skills, nobody, nobody knows it all or has nothing to learn at any stage. Workshops can be refreshers for more experienced people as well.


Ok, so you have done some of the above but you have not landed on a member production as of yet and you are really keen to get your hands dirty and get some production action. You can't handle equipment until you are trained (let's say that you are a complete greenhorn), and have gotten in your volunteer hours, so, is that possible? Yes it is. 

Any new associate or full member can volunteer on a member shoot in a non-technical role . There are more non-technical roles on a shoot so, there is plenty of room for new members and alumni members alike to assist.

The interactive calendar is great as it tells each member what films are being shot on specific dates, who the filmmaker is and there is short description of the project. New members are welcome to contact any filmmaker listed in the calendar but ultimately it is up to the filmmaker who works on their shoot.

If you are a little shy about contacting a filmmaker or two, ask Cat and she will help you out.

You will find the calendar on the Film Co-op activities page and in each weekly e-news:

There is so much activity at the Film Co-op now that it's quite easy to find something to do. Please take the time to get involved and help out. Take that step into the Co-op spotlight and get into the action!