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Isaac Miller Legacy Program

(Photo of Lucy, Isaac and Ella Miller)

Thank you to everybody who made a generous donation in Isaac's memory

Annually, two NBFC Teen Film Camp seats are now given to two deserving youths at no cost to their family. As well, a special statue with Isaac's name on it (Isaac ThePuma Miller Award) is given out to a youth for Best Youth Short annually at the NB Silver Wave Film Festival.

14 year old Isaac Miller had been involved with the Film Co-op for a while taking workshops, kids film camps, teen film camps and was also an active participant of the Fredericton 48 hour film competition organized by Prof Rob Gray and the Film Co-op. Check out the wonderful tribute video that was created in Isaac's memory. (special thanks to the film co-op staff and Melony McCarthy)

On January 23, 2014, the NB Film Co-op said goodbye to Isaac 'The Puma' Miller

Isaac was a 14 year old brilliant lad, creative in filmmaking and the master of his domain in skateboarding. We knew him as Isaac ‘The Puma’ Miller.

Isaac was into music and photography as well and many other things, creative soul that he was. Many in the NB Film Co-op community loved having him involved. He so enjoyed taking NB Film Co-op workshops, making films in the NBFC Kids Film Camps, doing the annual Fredericton 48 Hour Film Competition, and shredding it up on his skateboard. He is now making things happen in that big film studio/skate park in the great beyond. We had talked to him about joining the Film Co-op when he was 16 years old and alas, it is not to be, and it is our great loss.

A grade 9 student at Fredericton High School, Isaac was the son of Dr. Jane Touchie and Andrew Miller (stepmom - Deanna Musgrave) and the much-loved younger brother to Lucy and Ella Miller.

Isaac was born in Fredericton and enjoyed life to the fullest in all his pursuits. Isaac's travels led him to Halifax, numerous locales in New Brunswick and Maine and as far as South Carolina where he would seek out and enjoy skateboard parks. Isaac was a beloved member of the Quaker community.

Isaac loved time with his family and spent time camping and enjoying his family cottages at Grand Lake and on Ram Island, Maine. Isaac defined his own style and was known for doing everything in his unique, creative way. He showed incredible passion, intensity and dedication to his diverse interests. He was a popular young man with many friends who appreciated his artistic and athletic skills. It was his joy to debate any topic his easy smile, humour and wit. He was known as the Puma to his friends and the fans of his videos.

His mother Jane knows that his kind, loving personality will be remembered by all who knew him. Wherever he went, and with whomever he met, Isaac always brought smiles and happiness. Isaac was a force of peace, kindness and joy in the world.

“Isaac's first genuine passion was skateboarding, through which he learned the values of perseverance, skill, patience and style. To share and document this activity, Isaac began making skate videos. Through this initial experience he began to furiously learn everything he could about the art-form, branching to photography and more sophisticated film projects. He was a friendly and social fellow and loved the team aspect of working on dramatic films, his visually-oriented personality was well suited to DP and his perfectionism came in handy when editing. Isaac's personality was fairly laid-back, but he was very meticulous about his approach to filmmaking right from the beginning. As he grew a little older and became a young man, his sense of humour and irony matured, he had many interesting (some bizarre) film ideas for the future.”

Andrew Reid Miller, Isaac’s father, Deanna Musgrave, Isaac’s stepmom

Isaac is predeceased by his beloved grandmother, Wanda Touchie. In addition to his parents and sisters, he is survived by his grandparents, Dr. Harold Touchie, Edith and Michael Miller; his aunts, uncles and cousins: Jeff Touchie/Linda Touchie (Molly & Anne Touchie, Julianna Woodward) – Moncton, Heather Touchie Blakely/Dominic Blakely (Michael & Caroline Blakely) – Fredericton, Sarah Touchie/Steven Christie (Georgia & Ruth Christie) – Fredericton, Megan Touchie – Fredericton, Nate Miller - Fredericton. Joel Miller/ Christine Jensen – (Liv Miller) – Montreal.

Visitation was held at McAdam's Funeral Home today, Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 from 12-2 and 6-8 pm. A funeral service was held at Christ Church Cathedral on January 24th, 2014 at 2:00 pm with The Rev'd Canon Elaine Hamilton officiating.


“Isaac 'ThePuma' Miller, that is how he introduced himself that first day we attended the NBFC film class together in Saint John. My first though was oh I have to sit here with a kid who was the same age as my son and how was I ever going to get what I wanted from this class. Well was I surprised.This kid had talent, was articulate, knew way more than I did about filmmaking and had much better equipment to make those films...I was in awe of this young filmmaker and his technical skills and his love for film and sharing his skateboard videos. He taught me so much through his presence at those courses. I am so sorry for your loss... What I want you to know is that Isaac left an imprint on my heart, we were both starting on a journey of film making although at different ages, I was 46 at the time and Isaac was 13. Those were fun days in class and Isaac made them richer.”

— Elaine Shannon, Saint John based NB Film Co-op member filmmaker