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jumpSTART Grant

(Photo of 2013 jumpSTART winner Leah Warren of
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB)

An incentive program to give NBFC members who have never produced a project the opportunity to explore video, film and new media without any further delay.

Proposals are assessed and the successful applicants have to complete their project by July 25, 2022. ( grant monies will be provided closer to the production dates when the member provides their trained member crew list, finalized cast, shooting schedule, and shooting dates)

Applicants to the fund must be full members in good standing and must have been members for at least one year before applying for this grant.
- NBFC members (full) (associate members can upgrade)

- Applicants must be the director/writer of the project.

- Eligible projects are those over which the artist has creative and editorial control. All genres are accepted (i.e. experimental, video poem, drama, documentary, video installation, and new media, no music videos please).

- Artists in the membership crossing over from other disciplines (i.e. theatre, writing, visual arts, and dance) are also welcome.

- The projects can be no longer than 6-7 minutes long. (required). Applicants retain copyright to their productions, but they are asked to provide a copy of their project to be kept in the NBFC's archives and they are asked to thank the NBFC in their credits and be open to screening opportunities the NBFC may want to provide for added exposure.

- Deadline: December 20, 5pm, 2022 (proposals must be submitted by email only please).

The successful NB Film Co-op applicant will receive:
- up to $1200 in access to NBFC Video equipment (at staff's discretion what is allowed - only full trained members can use the gear);
- a $100 credit towards any intro intermediate workshop(s) that will enable you to upgrade existing skills from workshops you have already taken, assisting you to complete your project. Those applying should have already taken the 5 required workshops (directing/screenwriting/production design, hd camera & lighting/production management and the ad on set)
- up to $500 in cash (at staff's discretion);

NBFC member applicants must submit in a word document (script would be submitted properly formatted as separate pdf)
- a current resume (with emphasis on your artistic work if any, not required)
- a 1 to 2 page description of the proposed project (may include a script, treatment, or storyboard)
- a production schedule and small budget

NOTE: The project submitted must be a small attainable project that can done specifically with this grant, and not a bigger project that requires more funding to happen. Have questions? Need help putting your proposal together? Email Member Services at: