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CBC-NB Joy Award

"New Brunswick independent filmmakers and video artists need our support, now more than ever," says Tony Merzetti, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Filmmakers Co-op.

The Joy Awards, besides being a recognition of merit, helps emerging filmmakers finish projects which reflect their own creative vision without compromise. These projects help establish their reputation and credibility and provide important networking and contact opportunities, as they build ongoing careers in the field.

CBC/New Brunswick Joy ($8,500):
$2,000 in cash from CBC
$1,000 in cash from New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative
$5,500 in equipment or facilities from the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative

Submission deadline: October 1, 2021. The winner will be announced at the 2021 Silver Wave Film Festival.

Email (only, no hard copies please as the jury is Canadian) to the following: properly formatted script (PDF) or treatment or project description (Word or RTF), small budget in Word or RTF which includes equipment, crew, cast and all expenses (catering etc..), core crew list, director's bio, synopsis of film, time line, hopes and dreams for the film in distribution, resumes (optional), poster (optional), story boards (optional), music (optional), online film links (optional) etc...

The Linda Joy Media Arts Society was established in memory of filmmaker and artist Linda Joy Busby, who died in 1984 after struggling with cancer. The Joy Awards have encouraged and supported the best emerging media arts talent of the Atlantic region for twenty-four years. These Awards provide material and funding to emerging filmmakers and media artists, and script writers.

Stewart Young, CBC’s Executive Producer of Arts and Documentary Programming in Atlantic Canada, is proud to support filmmakers and the Silver Wave Film Festival with this award. He says, "the CBC/NB Joy Award is an important initiative to identify and nurture emerging producers and directors. We look forward to broadcasting the film that is created from this award and share it with our television audience."

Recent New Brunswick Joy Awards have gone to New Brunswick filmmaker's Britany Sparrow, Lex Gigeroff, Joel Thompson, Tim Rayne, Linda Rae Dornan, Chris Giles, Glendon McKinney, Pierre Huard, Shawn Henry, Fonya Irvine, Amy Bourgaize, Andrew Long, Jillian Acreman, Kaitlyn Adair, Jared Carney, and Arianna Martinez.

For further information about the NB Joy Award specifically please contact Cat at:

There is now no submission fee for the CBC/NB Joy Award.

The Linda Joy Awards are made possible by our generous partners and sponsors;

Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage; SIM Digital & PS Atlantic; 902 Post Inc.; Equifilm; The Atlantic Studios Cooperative; The Postman Post Production Studios; CinemaTick & Insurmountable Sounds; The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative; The New Brunswick Filmmakers Cooperative; Kodak Canada Inc.; Technicolor; The Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Cooperative; 45 North; The Centre For Art Tapes; The Newfoundland Film Development Corporation; John Doyle; Prime Insurance Agency Inc.; The Silver Wave Film Festival; The Atlantic Film Festival.