(Intermediate – Theory and hands on)
Sunday, May 13, 2018 -
11:00am to 3:00pm
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Shelley Thompson
NB Film Co-op, downstairs resource centre
732 Charlotte Street, Charlotte Street Arts Centre
Fredericton , NB
New Brunswick
Workshop Description: 

How many actors have said – “oh my god, this is soooo implausible…” or “my character wouldn’t do that” or “ I’d never say that!”.

My hand’s up!

That is one of the reasons I started to shift my focus from being in front of a camera, to being behind it as a writer and director. That, coupled (or tripled!) with shifting into an age demographic where there was no longer much work for me, and knowing that I had stories I needed to tell, that I’d never see unless I wrote them.

So, this is a workshop intended to help you put your stories on the page, in an actor-friendly way, mining your personal experiences for the most profound stories you’ve never seen. It's a workshop to help you understand and utilize basic truths about structure - making it your friend not a foe to be ignored or worse, fought.

Instructor's Biography: 
An award-winning performer and 12 season veteran of the hit Canadian series Trailer Park Boys, Thompson trained at the UK’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, the Canadian Film Centre (2015), and was one of the eight at Canada’s prestigious Women In the Director’s Chair - Story & Leadership program (2016/17). Her work as an actor includes: The National Theatre (UK), Adelphi and Whitehall Theatres, (West End), numerous UK regional theatres, the Shaw Festival, the Neptune, the Globe and more in Canada. Television/film includes Trailer Park Boys (Barb Lahey), six seasons of ITV- UK’s Mike and Angelo (Rita), and the cult film Labyrinth with David Bowie. She’s the recipient of Geminis and ACTRAs for film/TV performances, and Dora and Merritt nominations and awards for her stage work. Most recently (2017) she’s been seen in the festival Horror hit The Child Remains as one of the leading characters (Monica), and has just finished playing one of the leading roles - Nancy - in Thom Fitzgerald’s (The Hanging Garden, Cloudburst) new film Splinters for release in 2018. Her last performance of 2017 was as Astrid in Hopeless Romantic directed by Deanne Foley. Her shift into screenwriting and directing has seen her short films Dawg and Bats included in festivals across North America; she was selected for the Atlantic Film Festival script development program (2016) for her village comedy The Benefit; in April 2017 she received a BravoFact grant for her short films Pearls, a ‘prequel’ to her feature Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor, supported by the Canada Council and recently recommended by the WIDC and selected for Telefilm’s Micro-budget program. Pearls is presently on the festival circuit and to date has played in Halifax, NS, Charlottetown PEI, Fredericton NB, Dublin, San Antonio Texas, and will play Chicago and Brighton. Playwright-in-residence for Eastern Front Theatre, Halifax, NS, (2016/17) she’s developing A Bloody Jubilee, an all-female project about the raids on Dieppe in WW2. Based in Halifax/Dartmouth, Thompson is parent to singer/songwriter T. Thomason, and a champion of LGBTQ issues. Shelley is expecting to be directing her first feature film DAWN, HER DAD & THE TRACTOR, starring Robb Wells and Amy Groening summer of 2018. Supported by the Canada Council in the development and production stages, DAWN HER DAD & THE TRACTOR is the story of young trans woman returning to her NS village after the death of her mother, to make peace with her estranged father. As they work together to restore an antique tractor, they rebuild a family and redefine community.
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