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Board Directors - 2021-2022 - The New Brunswick Filmmakers' Co-op is a membership organization with an elected volunteer board of directors. Board meetings are convened once a month to deal with routine business and plan future activities with core staff.

Britany Sparrow, President (New Maryland)

Jillian Acreman, Vice President (Fredericton)

Rob Gemmell, Secretary Treasurer (New Maryland)

Lisa Jodoin, Board Director (Fredericton)

Donovan Richard, Board Director (Moncton)

Kaitlyn Adair, Board Director (Fredericton)

Jared Carney, Board Director (Fredericton)

Caitlin Campbell, Board Director (Grand Bay-Westfield)

Britany Sparrow - President

Jillian Acreman - Vice President

Rob Gemmell - Secretary Treasurer

Lisa Jodoin - Board Director

Donovan Richard - Board Director

Kaitlyn Adair - Board Director

Jared Carney - Board Director


Caitlin Campbell - Board Director